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At Techni-call we design all of our sites to be Search Engine Friendly, but also offer the added service of Search Engine Optimisation. In simplified terms Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the volume of traffic to a website from search engines. It ensures a website can be found by the search engines for words and phrases relevant to the site content. In many respects it's like quality control for websites.

There are no quick fixes to make your site visible, it's affected by many factors. The age of your site, the amount of pages, the quantity and quality of links, and of course relevant content can all affect your ability to be 'found'.


So How Can We Help ... ?

We carry out keyword research to first understand which search words and phrases are used by your target market. In short, what people actually search for. Once we know these keywords we can set about optimising your website pages accordingly. We will also improve the visibility of your site by ensuring reputable links to and from your site. We can even give your site a new look, update content and reorganise the structure to make it more appealing to the search engines.

It can be a time consuming process, and once done can take six months or more for your site to be recognised by the search engines, and for you to start seeing results. But without Search Engine Optimisation your site could stay invisable!

For more information regarding our Search Engine Optimisation services please contact us via email, or call us on +351 936 544 998. (Chamada para rede movél nacional)

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