Network Setup & Administration


Wired or Wireless, the choice is yours

With extensive experience in the installation and management of very large global corporate networks we have all the skills necessary to assist you with all of your networking requirements, whether you are a Home User, or a Small Business.  We can plan, implement and manage new networks, troubleshoot problematic or slow networks, or just be on hand for when something goes wrong.


Home Users

The days when there used to be only one PC per household seem to be a dim and distant thing of the past.  Your internet connection has many demands placed upon it, your PC, your laptop, the childrens games console even your mobile phone.  A home network is the answer to all these problems.  All of your devices can be connected together either by wires or wirelessly and all simultaneously share the internet connection. Sounds too good to be true? No more fighting over who gets the computer thats connected to the internet, the installation of a home network is not expensive and there are now options available for mobile 'pen' internet devices from the likes of Optimus, Vodaphone etc. aswell as the more traditional aDSL connections.

One call or email to us and we can set the whole thing up for you, from supplying the equipment to ensuring that all your devices are connected securely and reliably.


Business Users

An efficient Network System is a must for any small business. We can install, and have a vast experience in both wired and wireless local area networks, aswell as wide area network solutions utilising leased lines or internet based virtual private networks (VPN).

Remote access is another area which may benefit your business, we can set this up in your central office location and allow your remote workers secure access to you systems. For larger networks that require more organisation, we can implement Windows Active Directory services, giving you the ability to manage your environment centrally.
Internal and/or external web servers, database servers, file and printer servers can all be integrated into any network environment.

If you would like to discuss your existing network, or the installation of a new one, please contact us.

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