Installations & Upgrades


Maximise Your Computer Experience

Whether you have a laptop or a desktop system from time to time you may need new components installed such as memory, or a larger hard disk, or just some new software.  We can not only carry out the installation for you but offer you valuable advice as to what you really need in order to maximise your computer experience.


Hardware Install, Upgrade or Repair

We can install or upgrade any internal or external hardware device on your desktop or laptop computer. Examples of hardware devices that we install or upgrade include: hard drives, RAM (memory), network interface cards, CPU (processor), printers, scanners, video cards, monitors, CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM drives, CD/DVD burners, modems, sound cards, speakers, webcams, external zip drives, and more.


Operating System Installation

If you're ready to upgrade to the latest operating system, or you want a fresh installation of your current operating system, we can help you through the process. We will install, or reinstall, Microsoft Windows and all critical updates onto your desktop or laptop. This service includes formatting, or clearing off, your hard drive which makes your system run smoother and brings it back up to speed. Software and data backup/migration is available for a small additional charge. High speed Internet is required for critical update installation.


Install / Upgrade Single Software Title

Whether you're interested in expanding your software collection or updating an existing application, we can install or upgrade a single software title and all critical updates on your desktop or laptop. High-speed Internet required for critical update installation.


Install / Upgrade / Repair Software Suite

We can install, upgrade, or repair one software suite and all critical updates on a single desktop or laptop. Examples of software suites include: Microsoft Office, Internet Security packages, etc. High-speed Internet required for critical update installation.


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