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Fast track lanes at Portugal's airports for post-Brexit British tourists

FaroAirportFrontPortugal’s government has authorised the installation of dedicated UK Passport holder corridors at two of its airports to enable the smooth flow of post-Brexit holidaymakers.

Prime Minister, António Costa, stated that, “Millions of Britons visit Portugal as tourists every year, we have to ensure the flow is not interrupted.”

British residents in Portugal - nothing much will change post-Brexit

MinisterSatosForeignAt a meeting of the Socialist Party in Loulé on Wednesday 16th January, the audience was address by Dr Augusto Santos Silva, the Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs.

As the subject of the meeting was ‘Brexit’, Michael Reeve, the CEO of afpop, was invited by the Faro MP, Dra Ana Passos.

Revive programme extended to include countryside properties

conventThe Revive programme, launched in 2016 to promote the sale or lease of old public buildings to the tourism sector, has received enquiries from about 440 interested parties, “of which 100 are foreigners," said the Secretary of State for Tourism.

The Castle of Cerveira was added to the list today, leaving dozens of ancient monasteries, convents, castles and forts up for negotiation.

'Green Visa' option for Golden Visa applicants

alentejo2Far from abolishing the suspiciously opaque Golden Visa programme, Portugal’s government is intent on widening the scheme by adding a new category, the ‘Green Visa.’

Parliament turned down a bill proposed by the opposition parties to abolish the Golden Visa scheme and voted through a counter-measure to widen the scheme’s appeal. 



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