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MP rages over “thousands of students” left without a teacher in the Algarve

teacherless studentsThe cracks in Portugal’s education system appear to be worsening. There are "thousands of students without teachers" and “many complaints from parents and guardians in the Algarve, PSD MP Cristóvão Norte said earlier today.

Castro Marim municipal assembly defends Foupana Dam amidst drought concerns

foupana damThe extreme lack of water in the northeast section of the Algarve is setting off alarm bells in the rest of the region. Amidst growing concern as to what sort of conditions will be faced in the coming months, the Castro Marim Municipal Assembly have had to defend the construction of the Foupana Dam.

Algarvean Socialists pat themselves on the back for “strong representation” in new Government

algarve cabinetThe Algarve Socialist Party division have welcomed in a statement sent to newsrooms this afternoon the region's "strong political representation" in the new Government, with the inclusion of three Secretaries of State.

Avocado monoculture wreaks havoc on Castro Marim Reserve, destroying UNESCO-protected ecosystem

avocado monocultureThe Castro Marim Reserve, known to locals as the Reserva Natural do Sapal de Castro Marim e Vila Real de Santo, is a large protected area of marshland. The site is made up of an area of well over 2000 hectares lying beside the Spanish border, on the west side of the Rio Guadiana.



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