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National Ecological Reserve classification was 'removed' for Herdade da Comporta

ComportaAerialEnvironmental group, ZERO and Transparency & Integrity, the Portuguese representative for Transparency International, have condemned the proposed sale of Herdade da Comporta, saying that the current spatial planning regulations are not at all compatible with speculative real estate projects that do not comply with European legislation.

The two organisations say that the possibility should be considered of using the area for projects that favour a more sustainable use for the land, a use that is in tune with the preservation of the nature, scenic and cultural legacy of the Comporta area.

Many schools remain shut due to staff shortages

SchoolClassThe folly of moving thousands of teachers around the country at the start of every school year, again has helped cause the postponement of the start of many classes - with some schools failing to open at all.

Hundreds of teachers and other school employees were not in place today as term started. Heads already have complained about being short-staffed and many schools have been unable to open until the situation is resolved.

Lagoa mayor blasts government over lack of Algarve transport policy

electricalPlugInCarLagoa’s mayor, Francisco Martins, has called on the government to radically improve the Algarve’s transport system.

"In the Algarve we are obliged to have our own transport, we have no real alternative to owning a car."

Algarve prisoners to receive the national minimum wage

prisoninteriorParish Councils in the Faro area and the Algarve University, have signed up for a scheme to give local prisoners more opportunities to work.

The Directorate General for Reintegration and Prison Services signed a deal with the University and the Union of Parishes to allow selected inmates to get some work experience, for example in street cleaning, garden and park maintenance, mechanics and building techniques depending on their aptitudes.



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