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Crucial meeting on Brexit deal scheduled for Wednesday pm

brexitLenTheresa May summoned her cabinet to an emergency meeting on Wednesday afternoon to sign off her long awaited final Brexit deal, prompting hard-Brexit Tories to call for senior ministers to stand up and block it, writes Dan Sabbagh, Daniel Boffey and Jessica Elgot in The Guardian on Tuesday evening.

The critical meeting is the culmination of months of negotiations and will see May’s senior ministers consider whether they can personally endorse the agreement that the prime minister has been able to reach.

EDP charges Direct Debit customers twice for the same invoice

edpPylonPortugal’s formerly State owned energy supplier, EDP, continues to ride low in the popularity polls after the company admitted to charging customers twice for the same bill.

Tens of thousands of consumers who had chosen to pay by Direct Debit had two equal amounts taken from their accounts, due to a, "communication error with the bank," according to EDP, which has just announced that it will make a first time loss on its domestic Portuguese business this year.

Mobile phones - Portugal's drivers don't get the message

mobilephonedrivingDrivers have not got the message about mobile phone use while on the go, an average of 115-a-day have been stopped and fined by traffic police, so far this year.

Despite all the warnings and grim statistics regarding the increased chance of an accident, Portuguese drivers continue to break the law.

The Algarve is too rich to help its poor

childpovertyThe Algarve is too rich to help the poor: this is the conclusion of the European Commission whose rules for State support of Europe’s poorest citizens preclude the Algarve's social aid institutions from applying successfully for grants to combat poverty and discrimination.

A complaint has been lodged by José Carlos Barros, a PSD MP in the Algarve, speaking during the 2019 Budget deliberations.



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