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Chris Englefield

Chris Englefield

After leaving college in 1989 with 'A' levels in Maths, Physics and Computer Science, I started working for a computer maintenance company as a workshop based computer hardware engineer. I was responsible for repairing large mainframe computer systems down to component level, and it was during this time that I completed an HNC in electronic engineering.

I remained at this company for 7 years during which time I gained valuable experience in electronics, computer hardware repair, and the Unix Operating System. I also became a qualified Apple MacIntosh engineer. By the time I left in 1996, I was a senior systems engineer, and responsible for the repair of a large number of product ranges.

I then joined the European branch of an American based computer software company. My role was to support the European staff based predominently in the UK and France, as well as the European portion of the worldwide corporate network. When I joined in 1996 the network was predominently a Novell Netware based network, but within 2 years I had been involved in a project to phase out the Novell network and replace it with an entirely Windows based infrastructure.

Being the head of the European IT department I was responsible for every aspect of the IT and communication infrastructure in Europe. Aswell as the day to day support of close to 100 staff members, I was also involved in various projects that gave me exposure to all aspects of IT support. These included, implementation of Exchange e-mail servers, DHCP/WINS/DC servers, Active Directory, Managed AnitVirus solutions, RAS & VPN servers, Firewalls, File & Print servers, Database Servers, Web Servers & Website design, and project management of 2 office relocations.

It is because of the wide range of experiences that I have been exposed to that I am able to offer a high level of computer support to everyone! If you wish to discuss any of your requirements, please contact us.


Sue EnglefieldSue Englefield

After leaving college qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 1989, I went on to work for well known cosmetic companies such as Chanel, Lancôme and Clarins. I left the beauty business in 1995 to begin working for the European branch of an American based software company. Whilst there I gained valuable experience in various areas of computer software and administration, and found that I have a real enjoyment and creative flair for Website Design.

Since moving to the Algarve I am able to combine my enjoyment of giving professional customer service, my technical knowledge and my love of making things look great to design attractive, well structured websites.