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Ryanair says it cannot meet unions until 'strike day' December 20th

ryanair1Ryanair calls for the planned strike action to be called off in Italy, Ireland and Portugal and has told pilot unions it cannot meet their representatives before Wednesday, the day when strikes are scheduled in Ireland and Portugal.

According to union sources, Wednesday's stoppage will not be called off without an initial meeting with Ryanair management taking place.

Fitch lifts Portugal two grades from 'junk' to 'quality investment BBB'

fitchFitch Ratings has taken Portugal out of its embarrassing ‘junk’ rating category, lifting it two grades to 'lower medium investment grade, BBB.'

This is the best rating of the four key agencies and largely is based on the long-overdue decline in Portugal’s public debt and the expectation that this will continue to fall.

EDP destroys evidence by clearing trees under Pedrógão Grande power lines

edpEDP ​​had made sure that any physical evidence, that the fire in Pedrógão Grande was started by its power lines setting light to trees, has been destroyed by staff cleaning up certain key areas under investigation.

Xavier Viegas, the expert from the Center for Studies on Forest Fires at the University of Coimbra, asked the Public Prosecutor's Office to ensure the areas where the fires started were left untouched but EDP ​​cut down trees and cleared burned scrub, claiming the instruction was received after this work has been completed.

Visa corruption report archived - Minister called to parliament to explain

SEFThe Social Democratic Party (PSD) opposition wants to listen to what the Minister for Internal Affairs has to say about the archiving of an internal Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) audit report that outlined corruption in the ranks.

The recently appointed director of the SEF, Carlos Moreira, commissioned the internal audit, completed a month ago, which contained allegations of corruption and the illegal granting of visas without proof of legal entry into the country.



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