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Second Committee of Inquiry set up to look into Caixa Geral's 'Domingues affair'

parliamentThe President of the Assembly of the Republic, Ferro Rodrigues, is setting up a second parliamentary commission of inquiry into the goings-on at Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

A request was handed in by the former coalition parties (PSD and CDS-PP) that calls for a new committee to be formed to assess the Government's performance in the appointment and subsequent exit of the former head of Caixa Geral, António Domingues.

Bomb dragged up in fishing nets off Nazaré

BombWWIISmallA decades old bomb dragged from the ocean floor by the nets of a Portuguese trawler was taken into harbour, then rapidly back out to sea and detonated in a controlled explosion off Nazaré.

The bomb was hauled aboard the Mar Salgado this morning and lay on the deck as the skipper steered back to harbour, alerting the Maritime Police emergency services that he had a live one on board.

Lagos Court "seems to be frozen in time"

justiceministerThe Algarve Communist Party MPs, Paulo Sá and António Filipe have sent the Minister of Justice a report on the shortcomings of Lagos Court which they claim is woefully inadequate.

In addition to noting a shortage in staff numbers, the court building and its facilities "seem to be frozen in time" with leaks, rattling old window frames that let the rain in, air conditioning does not work with several rooms without any, inadequate furniture, faulty shutters and problems with the electrical system."

Government-approved restaurant billing software loses taxpayers €500 million a year

foodfrenchThe billing software used by Portugal's restaurants has allowed owners to delete cash sales if an invoice with fiscal number is not requested by the customer.

Because there are flaws in the legislation and in the authorised range of software, the Tax Authority has lost more than €500 million in VAT receipts each year with 40% of payments still being made in cash.



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