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Europcar faces €200 million fine for ripping-off customers

europcarThe surprising thing about today's  ‘scoop’ by the Daily Telegraph is that it has taken so long to reveal what hundreds of thousands of customers have known for years, that car rental companies are ripping-off customers over supposed ‘repairs’ that either overcharged or charged for several times for the same scratch of dent.

Europcar in the UK now stands accused of fraudulently overcharging customers with Trading Standards officers raiding the French company’s UK head office last week.

Angolan Vice President to be tried for corruption in Portugal

ManuelVincenteAngolan Vice President Manuel Vicente will face trial in Portugal over allegations he bribed a magistrate to drop two investigations against him, according to a Wednesday ruling cited in Portuguese media.

Vicente, who was the president of Angolan national oil company Sonangol at the time of the alleged crimes, is accused of bribery, money laundering and document falsification, the public prosecutor's office said, according to Portugal's main news agency Lusa.

LIDL aircrash - investigators still to check maintenance schedule

lidlThe report in to the light aircraft that crashed into a LIDL supermarket in Cascais this April, has been hampered due the high speed of the impact and the fire that destroyed much evidence.

The Bureau of Prevention and Investigation of Accidents said today that the investigation is ongoing and that the final report will be published "as soon as possible."

Hot weather this weekend "is cause for alarm"

6199The National Civil Protection Authority warned on Friday that there is a "very high risk of fires" as temperatures in the Algarve soar yet higher to the officially predicted temperature of 38°C this weekend, (that's 100°F in old money).

This hot weather "is cause for alarm" according to the Authority which stated today that "For the next 48 hours, there is a very high risk of maximum fire in the northern and central parts of the interior and in the southern region, particularly in the Algarve."



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